Commonly asked questions:

What software did you use to build your site?
As of this writing, the entire site (excluding the gallery of course) was designed in notepad. I had to. There was not any other way for me to achieve the level of understanding I needed to have if I had used 3rd party applications. I wanted to know what every piece of code was for and why it was there. As my software for choice when I build sites for other people I use Dreamweaver. (Though now I use an older version since Adobe has taken it over and priced it right out of my budget.)
How do you like Fatcow A Small Orange as a provider?

Goodbye Fatcow. Hello A Small Orange.

I had been with Fatcow for a long time. Ten, twelve, fifteen years? I am not really sure. I just got to the point I couldn't take it anymore. They are a far cry from the company they used to be. Now the web servers are slow, the email system is horrid, and the tech support is some of the worst I have ever dealt with. (Excluding Lenovo support.)

Almost every single issue I had, that required me to contact tech support, was always implied that it was somehow caused by something I did. I remember one time when it was taking several minutes for my index page to load. The support people tried to tell me that my scripts where causing the slowness. I actually had to say "Have you looked at my index page? It is only HTML and CSS." Oh.. well then off to level 2 tech support it went. So I am done. Especially since they decided to raise my monthly rate for below average speed and poor tech support.

The next challenge was where do I go? GoDaddy? Bluehost? All of those I immediately scratched off. Don't get me wrong, they may be good, but I wanted something besides a huge company that didn't have time for me. That was when I ran across some reviews for A Small Orange. To be honest, they had very few reviews, But what set them apart was every review they had was 5 stars.

So I took the chance with A Small Orange and as of right now, I am so glad that I did. I haven't even been with them for more than two days and I am already impressed with tech support. I had a question about what I needed to do on my site, went to the support tab, and there was a chat box right there. I asked my question, I received an answer within two minutes, and done. Oh my god, what a pleasant change.

This is what Fatcow used to be like.

Would you be interested in designing artwork for money?
I was surprised to see this type of email coming in. I do not consider my artwork to be that great. As flattered as I am, I have no desire to do this for money at this time. My artwork is a hobby. If I started to design for money then it would become a job. I am afraid I would lose the enjoyment I get out of it.